Rash on the buttocks

They can be bothersome and annoying. Anyone who has them knows that they are impossible to get rid of. And even when some heal, they leave spots for a long time. In this article, I’ve collected unique tips on how to put a stop to these pimples once and for all!

Why do they occur?

Our buttocks are covered with hair. When we sit, walk, or do sports, it bulges and rubs against our clothes almost constantly. This irritates the areas where the hair grows (due to the aforementioned rubbing) and pimples appear. Intensive sports, sedentary work and long trips are especially irritating.

This problem is especially troubling for those of you who have delicate, sensitive skin (atopic), any type of cornification disorder (keratosis pilaris, acne), or excessive sweating.

How to get rod of them?


A great way to fight pimples is to prevent them from forming in the first place. If you exfoliate the skin on your buttocks effectively but gently (note: exfoliation = removing the top dead layers of skin), it will prevent the ingrown hairs from rubbing off and igniting.

You can use mechanical (granular) or chemical (acid) exfoliants. Exfoliate once a week, then apply a non-greasy moisturizer to your buttocks to soothe the skin.

Simona_derm’s tip: You can use a loofah, wet towel, or granular scrub as a mechanical exfoliator in the shower. Scrubs made of salt, coffee or containing crushed nutshells are the roughest. If you have delicate skin and pimples flare up heavily, opt for acids or gentler mechanical peels instead – such as Merumaya’s Mineral Cleansing Paste. A great chemical peel is the AHA + BHA Peel from The Ordinary or Revolution Skincare.

Gels containing AHA, BHA or PHA acids can be a great help. Popular brands are CeraVe (SA cleanser), La roche posay (Effaclar micropeel gel), Balea (beauty expert peeling cleanser). For best results, leave on for a while (at least 3-5 minutes) while you shower.

The vast majority of you love The Ordinary’s Glycolic Acid Toner. Wipe your bum with a swab of this miracle every night (or every other night) after washing and drying and you’ll see that it’ll be smoother, pimples will be reduced, and so will the spots left behind. Follow with a light cream.


Use creams on a daily basis that moisturize, soften and help the skin to exfoliate naturally. The skin on the buttocks will be supple, the new hairs will grow free, they will not be irritated and the formation of pimples will be reduced. Look for ingredients such as urea (>10%), salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid or other AHAs and PHAs.

Simona_derm Tip: CeraVe SA Cream, Excipial U Hydrolotio, Eucerin or Balea Urea Creams, Lactourea Body Cream from Lactovit will help you the most.


Some of you may find the use of benzoyl peroxide (Acneroxide) helpful. This substance is keratolytic (loosens follicular openings) and antimicrobial (reduces the number of inflamed pimples). Its big disadvantage is that it discolors the clothes you wear.

Besides BPO, diaper rash creams or powders, such as Aviril, can help. If you’re sensitive and nothing has helped yet, try it! 🙂


Do you wear tight clothes? Try looser cuts and natural fabrics. Changing your wardrobe and underwear can be a game changer. If possible, don’t sit in one place for too long.

My advice outside the clinic

Don’t combine all methods at once. Choose one method of exfoliation and add a body lotion. If you’re bothered by the spots that are left after pimples, glycolic acid will help.

Do you have a skin problem and don’t know what to do? Schedule an online consultation with me and I’ll be happy to guide you. 🙂

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